Mighty Games Group

Team - Total esports Action Manger

Lead Programmer

  • Oversaw the majority of the game

  • Built a skill training system

  • Built a narrative selection system

  • Worked closely with designer on systems

  • Setup analytics

Shooty Skies

Lead Programmer (after release)

  • Was in charge of getting regular monthly updates out

  • Maintained store auto-upload code

  • Setup store releases each month

  • Maintained plugins such as Ironsource (for in game ads) and GPGS

  • Bug fixes

  • Added in difficulty settings and daily missions after release

Disney Crossy Road

  • Maintained documentation on character gameplay designs

  • Implemented character gameplay effects

  • Setup new characters and worlds for each update

  • Bug fixes

Personal Titles

In My Mind

A small game about exploring my experiences of living with bipolar by walking around a room and engaging with random paragraphs from a blog I've been keeping since the day I was diagnosed. The game is designed to be taken at whatever pace the player desires and has options to filter out potential triggers for players as well.

Catacomb Prince (Skeleteam)

Chief Technical Skeleton


Given what happened at his mother's jubilee Crown Prince Vitali expected he'd wake up with a hangover -- but he never expected he'd wake up dead.

Murdered by an unknown partygoer and resurrected five years later, he returns to a mile-long list of neglected duties: first and foremost, finding a partner, as only married couples can take the throne and his parents are ready to abdicate. Not an easy ask for the average person, let alone a bejewelled skeleton. Then there's that killer on the loose. What's an undead royal to do?