Medication Reminder/Tracker App / by Charlie Francis Cassidy

So, I've gone through a lot of medication apps trying to find one that suited all my needs with keeping track of doses and remaining supply of pills, prescriptions etc.

So far I haven't been able to find one that fit, there was always something missing or wrong or annoying about it. 

To remedy this I've decided to make my own. I'll also make it available to the public once I finally finish it. Undecided as to whether I should charge say $0.99 or make it free for all.

But, before I get that far I need to do more research! I want this to be both functional and appealing. Maybe a bit of humour too.

To give myself a bit of help I've made a survey

If you happen to use regular medication it would be grand if you could quickly fill it out or if not, pass it along!