Fantasy Life

Apparently I post monthly... by Charlie Francis Cassidy

My apologies again! I seem to forget that I have this blog here and then remember about once a month. So let me summarise what's been going on.

I finally got a response from the University I wanted to do my Masters at, University of New England, so I start in a few weeks. That'll be my Masters in Computer Science. I think I've decided to a thesis at the end of the course (so next year) but I still have no idea what that'll be on. I'm hoping some of these classes point in more of a direction. Either way, I'm excited to take my programming skills to the next level and understand computers and software a lot more.

I've also started a new project with Grant again, one which I won't announce until it's further along, but it should be easy enough to work on it on the side of our studies. 

Also, I'm back in hospital again. Another medication change/adjustment to get myself stable again before I throw myself at a Masters degree, this time for mania as opposed to depression. Speaking of depression, I've been incredibly slack at designing that depression game. I really haven't been up to much lately, it's been far too hot at home to even think, let alone do work and far too much valium in hospital to do work either. Though I have signed up to do an online course on Android development that I really should start looking at, so I can get started on this mystery app.

Now, if you're wondering what it is I have been doing in here, there are a few things.

1. The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast
   I have become very addicted to listening to this, it's brilliant. Check it out.

2. Fantasy Life
   Seriously, I have become addicted to this game.

3. Animal Crossing
   I've discovered I have a serious clothing problem....

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