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Routine! by Charlie Francis Cassidy

I'm starting to put together a routine for myself, so I can actually get stuff done. There is a heap I want to get on top of before my Masters course starts.

There is a certification in Gamification I'm interested in looking at as well as some Android programming ones that I'd like to have a look at. Prepare myself to make this app I agreed to program. We decided building it for Android first would be the way to go then port it over to iOS depending on feedback etc.

I actually have another app someone wants me to make for them too, but I've been very slack. Slack and frequent hospital visits, so you know, I'm a bit behind in just about everything. Hence the routine building. Not only is it good for my mental health it should help me to actually do all the things that need doing.

That being said, I'm going to go and have a look at that Gamification course now.