game dev

In My Mind now in Alpha!! by Charlie Francis Cassidy

Very excitingly I've managed to get my game into a pretty Alpha-ish stage. It's all functioning and very playable, all it really needs is some art (oh god it needs art) although it's kinda still a bit charming in its simple red blocks and capsule/pill like character.

There are still a few accessibility features that I would like to get in (and will) and of course some good ol' polish! But it's looking very good for this to be a release this year. I am further ahead on this than I thought I'd be.

I've actually been using the work on this game as a way to get through some pretty bad times mental health wise. I am really not in control of my moods atm, but I'm just managing to get by. Working away on this bit by bit is helping. Making games has always been my driving force I guess.

Anyway, check out some screenshots! (there is no triggering content in the screenshots I've attached here, but here is the general warning for the game as a whole, also all triggers can be filtered out so you can choose what you want to engage with)