Spring, Year One by Charlie Francis Cassidy

This series is an amusing take on what the effects of certain kinds of farming might have on a town such as Stardew Valley.

I've reached the end of my first season and I think I've got this farming thing handled. I’ll admit I got off to a bit of a rocky start the first day when I accidentally got straight back into bed and lost a whole day. The next day I got lost in the woods and managed to pass out before making it home! Luckily someone dragged me back, though not before nicking some of my cash I suspect.

I started this season with a pretty even spread of produce after my first Parsnip harvest. I got some beans, cauliflower, even found some strawberries to plant! But, I quickly realised that potato's had a pretty fast turnaround and were fairly profitable. Especially when I sometimes got multiple potatoes from one plant. So I quickly changed my farming tactics to optimise profits so I could plant more, you know, for the good of the town, and my wallet.


Gus asked me the other day if I there was going to be something other than potato for him to fry up in the Saloon. I told him potato is where it's at and that we should probably rename our town to Potato Valley. He kind of chuckled a bit then looked pretty concerned, but I'll send him a few potato recipes I know and that should sort him out.

I timed my last harvest really well too, got a heap of parsnips and potatoes that should last the town until my next harvest in summer. I heard one of the kids crying and saying he didn't want to eat potato and parsnip stew for dinner again tonight, but kids are always complaining about eating vegetables so I'm sure it's fine.