Here Again / by Charlie Francis Cassidy

Well, here I am again. I seem to only post each time I come back to hospital, but I do plan on changing that. Updating this with more of a day to day struggle rather than just at each tipping point.

To cut to the chase, I’ve been in here just over a week for mania that just won’t end. I was in between my last stay and now experiencing Euphoria (which was fantastic, I nearly didn’t agree to lower my meds) but now I’m in a constant state of agitation which is far less pleasant.

Before I came in my Prestiq had been lowed to 100mg, and I had been given an additional 100mg Seroquel before bed. Now I take Valium (5mg) day and night, 400mg Seroquel XR with dinner, only 50mg of Pristiq and whatever prn I require during the day. So far everyday I need at least one extra lot of valium and seroquel just to quell this physical feeling of wanting to tear my skin off.

The idea is maybe the Pristiq is causing the added mania and agitation, so we’re trying a lower dose. If that doesn’t help or if it just makes me fall right back down to the depressed side then it looks like a medication change for me. That being said, I have no idea when I’ll be getting out of here. Once I’m stable I suppose.