5 things / by Charlie Francis Cassidy

I was really angry yesterday, my agitation had taken a turn for anger after someone I was talking to brushed off a bunch of stuff off in a way that hit me the wrong way.

I tried to calm myself down. Remembering that I had managed to do it once when I was with my psychologist with just some breathing. I was doing that but it wasn’t enough, I was getting carried away with the feeling.

So I tried that 5 things thing that is meant to bring you back to the present. So I counted 5 things I could see (my computer, my keyboard, my desk, 2 other ones), 5 things I could feel (sitting on my chair, arms on my desk, tongue on my teeth, glasses on my face and something else) and then 5 things I could hear (my music, my air con, my breathing, some background noise, I don’t know if I found a fifth).

After this I noticed I was a lot calmer and I’d let the anger and intensity go right by. I was able to talk normally to this person again.

So, my psychologist is going to be awfully pleased that I’ve tried not one but 2 of her things. I’ve also been recognising the emotion that I’ve been having, which I usually just try to supress.