Lost count by Charlie Francis Cassidy

Back to hospital for me again, as soon as they have a bed for me. The plan is to take me off all my meds to see if any are working then start from there. Trialling different stuff until they find something to help. My psychiatrist also wants to sign me up to a DBT program, but that’ll be once I get out I guess.

I’m not going to let any of this stop me from studying though. I can still do this. I will do this.

Missed Appointment by Charlie Francis Cassidy

I missed my first appointment with my psychiatrist, ever. Somehow I have always managed to get there and on time but today for some reason I was so sure it was at 2pm but nope, 1.30pm. 

Couldn’t have been worse timing, I really could have used seeing him today. Oh well, luckily he had an opening tomorrow. Which is amazing considering how busy he gets.

Today has been a bad day. But now at the end of it after a cold cold shower it seems a little bit better.

I also thought I had missed an assignment date, but turns out I hadn’t. I should probably get started on it actually…