unhelpful advice

Unhelpful Advice by Charlie Francis Cassidy

I can’t express how hurtful this kind of advice can be, sure I agree exercise and a balanced diet help things (not that I can afford any diet currently) but they aren’t the one thing hindering me from being a healthy able bodied person.

Please, PLEASE do not tell me to think of people in other countries who have it worse off than me. I am aware of that! I know how fucking brilliant my life is and all the opportunities I get. I am even luckier still to be somewhere that I can afford the medication and the health care I need! I know this, this actually makes me feel worse about still feeling this bad.

Like I don’t deserve to be depressed which just leads to a whole other cycle of badness. I don’t take my life for granted, I have a lot of luck in my life. Otherwise I wouldn’t be alive and in the position I am today. I am trying, the fact that I’m seeking any help at all is amazing really. I also really lucked out with my psychiatrist and psychologist.

I just had to get this out there. I actually did a talk on this the other day, so instead of ignoring the advice and being mad I tried to explain it a bit and explain that it did hurt me.