That Feeling / by Charlie Francis Cassidy

Moods are complicated and feelings are tricky. At least for me anyway.

At one point, I had this large playlist of songs I like, and I was finding some of them were invoking some kind of feeling in me. It appeared to be the same or similar for all of them, but it was strong. I was really depressed at the time, so I think I was identifying with a certain feeling related to that. Anyway, given that I had no idea what this feeling was I put them all in their own playlist titled - “That Feeling”.

While I was depressed I listened to this constantly.

Once my mania started coming into play more, I started making a few more playlists and quickly learned that I only had the patience for certain songs while like this.

That is how “Up There” came into being. Of course the catch being that listening to this only encouraged the mania, but not listening to music seemed the worse choice.

Soon that wasn’t enough, "Destroy Me" came about one night. It’s actually quite like my first in that I had a bunch of songs that struck something similar in me. I find all of the songs in here so beautiful and magical. 

“Tear it Apart” is for me at my worst, when I actually feel like tearing myself apart.