In My Mind

A small game about exploring my experiences of living with bipolar by walking around a room and engaging with random paragraphs from a blog I've been keeping since the day I was diagnosed. The game is designed to be taken at whatever pace the player desires and has options to filter out potential triggers for players as well.

Office Escape is a quick point and click demo/mystery where you are trapped in a room and have to escape.

I made this with Grant Davidson to test out the mechanics we would be using in our other game.

You've lost the key to your own front door, how will you get out? Solve this puzzle to find your key and a way out.

Note: This puzzle isn't very straight forward, and taught us a lot about puzzle design.

Made with Grant Davidson

Tumble Town is cute little tumbleweed side scroller about the lives of a 5 tumbleweeds who work as extras on a western movie set. Roll around and see just how hard it is to make it to the final shot in time.