who is charlie?

A self proclaimed queer (cyber)punk with ever changing hair and 31 piercings, Charlie Francis Cassidy is a queer non-binary trans masc programmer and game developer with bipolar. Charlie currently works for Mighty Games in Melbourne primarily as a programmer. They've worked across a number of super cute titles such as Disney Crossy Road, Shooty Skies and Charming Runes.

In their own time they prioritise working on games that cover and promote mental health, queer and trans experiences.

In 2017 they released In My Mind, an autobiographical experience about living with bipolar and mental illness in general. They have since spoken at numerous conferences about the process and feelings involved in creating something so personal.

They have given talks and been on a numerous panels covering diversity (in the form of queer/trans/mental health) and are very outspoken about their own experiences with these topics in the hopes that others will feel safe to do so as well.