talks i have given

Freeplay 2018
- Creating and Releasing In My Mind

Monash University Expo
- Queer/Trans/Mental Health diversity in games

Monash University Expo
- Getting into the Games Industry

AIT 2018
- Short Presentation on experience as a game developer

Get Into Games 2016
- Working as a Programmer in Games

Panels I have spoken on

AIT 2018
- Two panels on getting into the games industry

GX Australia 2017
- Representations of Mental Health in Games (Moderator) - video
- The A is not for Ally (Asexuality) - video
- Queerly Represent Me and the Under Represented - video

PAX 2016
More than a Game - Playing for Mental Health and Connection

GX Australia 2016
More than a game - Playing for Identity and Community
- Everything you love is terrible

PAX 2015
More than a game - Playing for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Game On Symposium 2015
- What if we look after ourselves?
(as Francis Fitzgerald)

Avcon 2015
- More than a game
(as Francis Fitzgerald)

Freeplay 2015
Self care for game developers
(as Francis Fitzgerald)


Sunjam 2017 (USC Game Jam)
- Mentor