GX Australia - 2017 / by Charlie Francis Cassidy

I got to attend GX the other weekend and speak on a few panels about things that are super important to me and wow, was that just such a great experience. GX as a whole is just such a great vibe and place to be. While I never make a point of ever, turning down my queerness or stop holding a partners hand because of how people out in the "real world" might react, I can't deny how much less stress there is being surrounded with people who just think your cute and are as happy as you to just be, yourself. Also, everyone has such great hair.

Now, for the panels I was on!

Mental Health Representations in Games 
I usually talk about mental health and games in some capacity at most conventions I go to, but this one I organised and moderated myself which was an exciting new experience, and I think it went pretty well!

The A is not for Ally 
This panel was the one that meant the most to me having a chance to do. I haven't really publicly talked about being asexual before and I really can't think of any other convention in the world that would accept a panel like this. I had such a good time, and everyone I got to do the panel with were wonderful, as were the audience.

Queerly Represent me and the Under Represented
It was lovely being asked to speak on this panel as a non-binary person and say a few things about polyamory in games. Though I honestly said more about the lack of things in games.