Up, Up, Up? / by Charlie Francis Cassidy

Well today started great! Then I majorly freaked out. That wasn’t good, but a friend helped distract me and sort myself out. Then my roommate stressed me out so I ended up having to have some Valium but now I have that aside omg I have hit the perfect mania again.

I had all kinds of bad types today but right now I am creative, thrilled, excited, dangerously close to the edge but never mind that. I find I am at the best when I walk the line. At the best creativly, productivly anything.

When I am on the verge of each extreme. It sounds weird, you’d think tipping back from the cliff would be solid ground but instead it’s another kind of fall. I almost like this too much. It’s dangerous. But I do my best work. I feel like I could solve anything right now.

WHICH is why I am making a game on Bipolar. I’ve decided it’s gonna be bipolar cause right now, it’s not just the depression I’m fighting. It’s so much more and Bipolar still feels too taboo. Still too stigmatised. I want to change that. I am GOING to change that.

Why not change the world. Why not.